The Birth of Almana Cares Foundation

The Almana Group of Companies is a 16-member group of diverse companies with interests ranging from consumer goods, manufacturing, tolling, distribution, logistics, financing, media, creative, agriculture, food services, investment management, power generation and construction.

Having reaped success in business and aligned with its core value of Profit with Social Responsibility, the Almana Group of Companies embraces the mission to extend its care to the community through its Corporate Social Responsibility arm, the Almana Cares Foundation.

The Company’s Social Responsibility (CSR) started in 1997 when Almana Group of Companies was then known as Aldrtz Healthwide Products Industries (AHPI). A Summer Job Program was introduced which gave a sustaining livelihood to 1,200 students. The program which was life- changing to its beneficiaries, extended up to 2004 when AHPI was reborn as Aldrtz Corporation. At this point in the company’s history, CSR initiatives were strengthened through the efforts of service-oriented employees who organized informal committees to support regular and consistent community outreach activities.


Almana Cares Foundation shall strive to “Do Good” and be a Catalyst for positive change:

  • In the COMMUNITY, by Spreading Goodwill to the less privileged members of the society and/or calamity victims through Socially-Responsive and Service-Oriented outreach activities.
  • In the Environment, through Reforestation, Organic Farming and Clean Energy initiatives.


We envision a society where people live “Better Lives” in a healthy, clean and green environment endowed with sufficient resources for decent living and a country with steady growth in leadership capability coming from the youth sector.

Core Values

We pledge to have a HEART for Service and for Community Programs that will help alleviate the struggles of our fellow Filipinos, on a temporary or permanent basis as applicable.

We support our Founder’s unrelenting desire to become a Catalyst “For Better Life” by continuously undertaking initiatives to improve the quality of life of Filipino families in harmony with nature and the community.

We are committed to conserve Mother Nature today to ensure a clean and green environment for tomorrow’s generations.

We will work the zeal and passion in our drive to bring about positive change in people’s lives, mindsets, capabilities and values as well as in making our community and country a better place to live in.

As one solid Almana Family, we will work hand in hand in our mission to “Do Good” in our family, in our workplace, in the community where we live and for the future of our beloved Philippines, all for the glory of God.