Almana Junior Leadership Unified

Almana Cares Foundation’s aspiration to make the youth the hope of the fatherland, takes a step further with the unification of batches 1 and 2 of the Almana Junior Leaders Development Program this summer 2018.

The two batches of junior leaders have completed the three development programs especially customized for the transformation it envisioned to achieve as follows: The Leadership Alphabet, The Five L’s of Leadership and The Unification Module.

The merging of junior leaders is the initial step to make them bigger and stronger for the mission to pay-it-forward and enable more individuals to experience growth and development opportunity. The unified group is tasked with the responsibility to help raise funds so other deserving youth with leadership potential will have the same opportunity to attend the transformation program as they had.

The Almana Leaders Union or ALU achieved two important objectives last summer. They combined forces and elected their officers and planned out for fund raising activities, the first of which was the block screening of the movie, The Antman and the Wasp at SM Cinema 4 last July 7, 2018 which generated substantial proceeds for the foundation.

At this point in their development journey, their parents, who are first-hand witnesses to their growth process have shared their testimonies as proof of the program’s positive impact on each individual.

Almana Management, congratulates the new set of officers and gives them well-wishes in their mission to practice and spread the lessons that they have gained from the program.