ACF Wildlife Custodians Attend Wildlife Caretaker Training

Almana Cares Foundation joins the 18th Negros Occidental Wildlife Month

WILDLIFE CARETAKER TRAINING. The month of November is declared as the Wildlife Month for the Province of Negros Occidental. In celebration of its 18th year, Almanian Wildlife Custodians attended a Wildlife Caretaker Training courtesy of Talarak Foundation, Inc.

Caretaker Training

Last November 29, 2022, Mr. Davoy Castor of Talarak Foundation shared his valuable time and expertise on wildlife conservation. The learning experience included the basics of wildlife care and a tour of Negros Forest Park’s word class facilities. In this in-depth training, the wildlife custodians studied the specifics of caring for the Visayan Warty Pigs and Visayan Spotted Deer. They learned about the ideal diet for said species, European quality standard enclosures, and environmental best practices.

A Commitment to Do Good for our Endemic Wildlife

With this, our Wildlife Custodians now carry an immense amount of knowledge in achieving the highest welfare of our animals. More importantly, they are now more committed and equipped with the necessary knowledge in advocating for this noble cause.

Mr. Davoy Castor is the curator for Talarak Foundation, Inc., a conservation organization based in Negros Island of the West Visayas. The foundation’s goal is to conserve and restore the native wildlife of Negros. They hope to achieve this through captive breeding, conservation education, research, public and political engagement, and releases of captive bred animals back into their natural habitats. Their Bacolod office and biodiversity center is located at Negros Forest Park, South Capitol Road, 6100 Bacolod City, Negros Occidental.

Almana Cares Foundation supports their mission through its own conservation and rehabilitation efforts. Currently, ACF Wildlife has Visayan Warty Pigs and Visayan Spotted Deer in its care, which are housed in a private facility in Negros Occidental. Wile we still have a long way to go, the team is committed to

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